Whether you need residential or commercial driveway or parking lot maintenance  done, you want it to be durable and long-lasting. A great deal of skill is required to properly work the State-of-the-Art equipment used in today's more advanced driveway sealing world. To be assured of an expert job using the finest materials, contract with Bob's Driveway Sealing. Let us give you a FREE estimate on the project you're considering. You'll be surprised at how reasonably the work can be handled, and you'll be pleased with the results.  Remember, we are "THE COMPANY WHO CARES!"  

-Bob's Driveway Sealing is Proud to Offer BOTH Residential and Commercial Services in the Following Areas-

Enhance, Beautify and Protect your residential or commercial parking lots with asphalt sealer.  Asphalt Sealer makes old pavements look like new!  In addition to appearance, sealing protects the old exposed driveway from harmful, destructive elements both natural and man-made.   Latex Sealer with Sand is unique because it is the highest quality sealer that can be used.  It is applied for a much greater traction in the winter and is used for commercial and residential driveways  that need a more durable, longer lasting protection from the elements all year round.  




  Like Latex Sealer, Oil Base Sealer also beautifies and protects your commercial or residential parking lots and makes them look brand new!  Oil Base Sealer is uniquely different from Latex Sealer because it is mainly cosmetic.  What do we mean?  Well, Oil Base Sealer isn't applied as heavy as Latex, which in turn doesn't last as long as Latex.  And without the sand included, there is no added convenience of superior traction. The oil base sealer is primarily used for small residential driveways.  Though the protection is not as effective as Latex, you will be amazed by the beautiful restoration!  




Striping, depending on the need of each individual customer is customized to the unique aspects of the area being striped.  Parking Lot Striping, for example helps the flow of traffic and additional spaces can be made.  Using a Laser Line Tech Striping machine ensures that each job is perfected to the highest quality.  Our equipment is the newest to date and is practically flawless.  You can be assured that we only use the best commercial paints money can buy.   Expect Beautiful Results, even after extreme wear and tear!





Hot tar crack repairs insures the life of the job in which we perform for you.  Filling cracks with a hot rubberized sealing compound allows for a substantial savings in maintenance costs.  Cracks in asphalt pavement, if not sealed properly, will allow water to penetrate the pavement base causing it to lose its structural integrity.  As the structural capacity decreases, wheel loads cause excessive deflection of the pavement and alligator cracks occur.  This cracking effect will continue to grow if not repaired.  Bob's Driveway Sealing uses only the highest technology to insure you that we do our best job every time.  You can have the peace of mind that your driveway cracks will be repaired correctly and your driveway will continue to have superior protection against all the elements.  Call Bob's Driveway Sealing Today!  You won't be disappointed!




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